A great team

Bidegain’s team is made up of more than 50 professionals with very diverse profiles. With a clear technical and technological approach, we train our people to obtain a well-prepared and versatile team with deep knowledge of our products.


Technical know-how.



High standards.

Efficiency and efficacy.

Client focus.


Head of Production

I started working in the Quality Department and today I am in charge of Production at Bidegain. At Bidegain we have the Eris system which offers us valuable indicators of what is being manufactured, how and when the process will be completed. This helps us improve the operator’s productivity and gives us graphical and visual production planning.

Xabier Iradi
Responsible of section

I’ve spent a lifetime at Bidegain. We started out as a small machining workshop and now we are a company full of talent with very advanced facilities.

Juan Antonio Alejos
Head of Sales

At Bidegain we have made a firm commitment to internationalisation, which has led to major changes in the organisation and in the way we work. We maintain very fluid communication with all our clients to provide a better service.

Unai Dambolenea
Head of Quality and Environment

I joined the Quality Department at Bidegain just after finishing my Engineering studies. At Bidegain learning is continuous and so is communication with the other departments. This greatly facilitates projection within the company, which is vital to maintain motivation and enthusiasm.

Olaia Etxeberria
Head of Technical Office

The more than 10 years that I’ve spent at Bidegain Technical Office give me a global vision of all sectors and allow me to understand the specific needs of each client. In the department, we are aligned with the other links in the production chain to offer the client the solution they need within the expected timeframe.

Iñaki Zugasti
Administration-IT Specialist

At Bidegain we have defined roles, but we help each other to create a stronger team and provide a better service to our clients. I joined Bidegain as an administrative officer but thanks to my IT knowledge and studies and the company’s desire to improve, we have developed a powerful IT system. It allows us, among many other things, to maintain perfect traceability of the entire production process, from the time we upload the order to the system until it is dispatched.

David Ortega
1st machining center

I have been at Bidegain for 7 years and from day one I’ve gone home having learnt something new every day. It is highly motivational to know that the parts we manufacture reach all corners of the world. The atmosphere is great among the workers and the company offers great work flexibility.

Yerai Bea

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